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Organization and Management

In order to help you understand Sibex activity we are going to present some aspects regarding its organization. In the next paragraphs you can find information about the legal frame and about the organizational structure of our institution.

  • In compliance with law 31/1990 SIBEX S.A was founded as a joint stock company; the company's activity was "the administration of financial markets" - code 6611
  • Sibex was authorized as market operator further to Romanian National Securities Commission decision no. 356/31.01.2006, registered in RNSC Public Registry, section 11- Market Operators, with no PJR11OPPR/320002
  • Sibex Regulations were approved by RNSC/ FSA. Also, the subsequent changes of these Regulations were approved by RNSC/ FSA in advance.
  • The legal frame of SIBEX consists of law no.31/1990 regarding the commercial companies, law no. 297/2004 regarding the capital market and the Regulations of the RNSC/FSA and those of SIBEX SA.
  • The social capital of Sibex is 33.427.926 RON and consists of 33.427.926 shares that have a nominal value of 1 RON each.
  • Clearing and settlement services provided by ATHEXClear.
  • A shareholder cannot hold, directly or indirectly through other persons involved, more than 20% of the total voting rights.

Sibex organization chart

External Audit
Shareholders General Meeting
Internal Audit
Board of Directors
Compliance Department
CEO Consultants
Deputy CEO
Economic-Administrative Department
Legal and Human Resources Department
Deputy CEO
Issuers Department
Communications and Marketing Department
Trading and Markets Supervision Department
Development and New Products Department
IT Systems Administrator Department
IT Systems Development Department

Board of Directors Members:

  • Mr. Galatanu Ovidiu-Dan - Chairman
  • Mr. Balosan Bogdan - Vicechairman
  • Mr. Iakovou Petros
  • Mr. Chis Grigore
  • Mr. Stan Iulian


  • - CEO
  • Ms. Cristina Munteanu - Deputy CEO