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Using the web page of SIBEX - SIBIU STOCK EXCHANGE SA, in any way, is performed and it is the subject of the following conditions:


The material from SIBEX web page, including the content , the information in real time or any other information, as well any available computer programme on/by SIBEX web site, are protected by the Law regarding the copyright and other related rights. All the rights, headlines, names and interests related to SIBEX web page and to its content are owned, licenced and controlled by Sibex or by Sibex authorized entity, as a content provider.

Sibex has the right to change the content and /or the site structure at any time without a previous notification. With the exception of precisely mention regarding certain aspects, folders or documents provided by the user , he owns only the right to visualize and to edit a copy of Sibex web page content for his personal use and not for commercial one. The users have no right , without having Sibex prior written agreement , to copy, deposit whether it is on a computer or on a saving electornic system) to send, transfer, present, publish, broadcast, reproduce, create a secondary operation , to expose, deliver, sell, licence, lend, lease, or to transfer in any other way a part of the content of Sibex web page , to a third entity( including the other persons from his/hers company or its organization), whether it is for a direct commercial aim or a monetary one.
The requests of receiving Sibex approval regarding the web page content, will be addressed in writing and will be sent to Sibex.

SIBEX liability

SIBEX has no legal ability to handle directly with the investors the aspect of trading the securites registered on the site or their trading on Sibex electronic system. If the users of Sibex web page wish to invest in the securities registered on the site or/and traded by Sibex electronic system, they can handle or negociate directly with one of the intermediaries/participants registered on the web page , and who are authorized by Romanian National Securities Commision and SIBEX, in order to trade quoted /unquoated securities on Sibex.
Thus Sibex cannot be responsible for any prejudice caused to the web -site user.
It is forbidden, without a written agreement from Sibex, to reproduce, distribute or publish in any way, the content of the presented material on Sibex site, by any person .

Although our aim is to send updated and precise information, Sibex cannot engage for the fact that the present pages may contain possible errors, even though Sibex will do its best to set things right , and send all the information updated and accurate.
No message edited , nor the content of any expressed idea from Sibex web page, will represent consultancy services or a request to subscribe, buy or sell any security. Sibex advises the users to address to the professional persons regarding the evaluation of any kind of security, index, report, opinion, advise or other content.
Sibex will make all the efforts to assure the accuracy of the information from the web page, the companies involved and any of their employees or agents cannot and will not do any representation regarding the information , and in the extent permitted by the applicable law, they will respect the terms of the web page site and the content of all the precise, tacit and statutory liabilities, of any kind and for any usser and third entity , including the represantations and liabilities regarding the accuracy, opportunity, the integral and current aspect, innovation frequency, reliability, with any personal aim.
The Site may contain links to other sites , which are or are not under Sibex ownership. Sibex is not reponsible for their content, privacy conditions , security or their function.

Laws and regulations

The users access and use of the present web page site, is managed by all the applicable Romanian laws and regulations .

Change of the terms and using instructions

Sibex has the right to change at any time the present terms and using conditions, and it assumes that the users are aware of these changes and they are obliged to respect them, starting with the date of their publication on Sibex web page.


Sibex web page is designed for using a navigation programme in a graphic way and generating access demands with a legitimate frequency for the human capacity of information in the proper context. It is forbidden to use automatic access programmes of Sibex web page and/or parser the information. Sibex has the right to block the access of a certain internet address to Sibex site, for an unlimited /limited period, without a prior notification and without being obliged to offer explanations, in case of an unjustified behavior concerning the normal and reasonable access of the site, or if this behavior interfere with the good functioning of Sibex information systems. In order to process electronic data from Sibex, with any other intention than your professional information , it is necessary to have Sibex agreement; in this sense we ask you to address a written application to Sibex , which will be handled in conformity with Sibex commercial policy.

Infringement of the terms and using conditions

In the case when an user does not respect the terms and conditions, Sibex has the right to apply all the legal procedures, if necessary, including the right to block the access of a certain internet address to Sibex site, corresponding to a user or a group of users.
Any attemp of changing the image and information from the present site, with the exception of the legal owner - SIBEX, gives the unilateral and equivocal right to use all its prerogatives to address the Court or /and to the legal authorities in order to sanction this act.

Personal data protection

In compliance with the Law stipulations no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of personal data processing, the users of this site have the right to be informed, the right to have access to this site, the right to interfere, the right to oppose, the right of not being submitted to an individual decision, and the right to address to the Court. In order to exercise these rights we ask you to contact us by using the „Contact” section of our web site.