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The active broker is the financial investment agent to whom the SIBEX Board of Directors has granted the admission decision in order to trade on the Sibiu derivatives regulated market, according with stipulations 41, 42 and 43 of the present regulations.

Any individual who can comply with the following criteria can be granted access, as a broker, on the SIBEX derivatives regulated market:

  1. he/she is employed with one of the participants on the SIBEX derivatives regulated market.
  2. he/she is authorized as financial investments agent by the R.N.S.C. and is registered with the Public Registry of F.S.A.
  3. he/she has a certificate on the derivatives market released by SIBEX, is registered with the Brokers Registry of SIBEX and, by case, has a renewed certificate granted by SIBEX
  4. he/she has never been sanctioned by the R.N.S.C./F.S.A or the SIBEX Board of Directors with the definitive trading rights withdrawal on one or more SIBEX regulated markets
  5. he/she meets all the criteria stated by the running laws and the F.S.A. documents.

The financial investment agent admission request for trading on SIEX derivatives regulated market will be forwarded by the market participants that has working relations with the agent to SIBEX, to the General Manager's attention.

The request must be forwarded together with:

  1. I.D. copy
  2. Financial investment agent authorization released by R.N.S.C./ F.S.A copy
  3. SIBEX broker certificate copy
  4. Re-authorization certificates released by SIBEX and R.N.S.C./ F.S.A copies, if necessary
  5. The employee's statement where the working contract between the parties are stated admitted