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EUJPR-17F 125,1400      |   GBUSR-17F 1,2988      |   EUUSR-17F 1,1210      |   DEDJIA-17F 20.966      |   EUUSR-17I 1,1320      |   DEDJIA-17I 21.072      |   

Do you have a business idea you want to materialize?

Is the lack of capital an obstacle for developing the company?

Do you need co-financing for attracting European funds?

Does your business need recognition on national level?

Do you want a future strategy that will ensure you the financing possibility without turning to bank loans?

If your answer to any of these questions was "YES", START Sibex is the best solution, no matter if your company is new or well developed.

  • Attracting financial resources without increasing the company's indebtedness;
  • Free use of the attracted capital;
  • Attracting clients' and providers' confidence;
  • Exit strategy for the founding shareholders;
  • Attracting institutional investors;
  • Reputation of the company.

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*Options contracts having futures contracts as underlying with settlement dates following SEPTEMBER 2014 is temporary suspended!